What the Media Said About Death Without Dignity

February 28, 2013

“Steven Long’s first book is not only powerful drama, containing both the fascinating inside s panynj.gov
to ry of an unusual trial taking place in 1985-1986, and a glimpse into the painful reality of nursing home care.”

The New York Times

“In this exposition of a major social problem inadequately funded by Social Security, the author credits a Galveston assistant district attorney for uncovering patient abuses, described here in harrowing detail…The courtroom drama and its participants – patients, their families, medical staff, corporate and legal figures – are vividly portrayed.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“In a way, the book Death Without Dignity is like the Academy Award – winning movie Platoon…Too bad it wouldn’t be required reading for all the people who seem to think they are immortal. The Texas Monthly book amounts to a strong dose of reality.”

Austin American Statesman

“He deals with the personalities of the lawyers, the humanity of the victims and the horrors they endured, and sometimes scoffs at what he terms the legal sophistry of the defense. If lying in your own feces and urine with massive bedsores is the normal result of nursing home care, and not an aberration, people should be alarmed.”

The Dallas Morning News

“…this is a book that should be read by all those who have a loved one in a nursing home or who might be thinking about placing a parent or grandparent in a nursing home, or who might realize that at some future date they might have to go there themselves.”

The Houston Post

“Long sets out to be gritty and down-to-earth early on. He declares in his forward, ‘Rotting flesh, stale urine, dried feces, and physical abuse are pleasant only to a sick few.”…”This serves as a useful reminder.”

Kirkus Reviews

…”a harrowing account of the trial in which a corporation, Autumn Hills Convalescent Centers Inc. and five of its executives are charged with murder.”

San Antonio Express News

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